Monday, January 25, 2010

Rockfish Day #1

My first day in The Reef (yeah, Rockfish live near the reef, check it)--a mere 72 hours after I first visited the company*--and AdAge ranks us third out of their ten A-list companies for 2010. SHAZAM! This is incredible recognition for an agency that's just gotten started in life, four years young, but our growth, portfolio, and team are simply that spectacular. AdAge has alerted the world--be on notice, these are Rockfish waters.

*Apparently I have a thing for starting on the Monday after a Friday interview, since I did the same thing at 4INFO. :-)

I commuted in (193 miles) from KC this morning, not something that I will be doing on a regular basis, but needed to fill up the car with clothes so I could get down here and focus on the lures that we want to carry around in our tackle box. I spent the day adapting to the waters and getting acquainted with my new school mates. A lot to learn and a lot to do in an environment that I enjoy--casual, but energetic.

I look forward to Day #2, since I won't have spent three hours on the road before starting it.