Friday, September 12, 2008

Today's the Big Day!

reVerse was a bust last night. Nice girl, cute, but we didn't click in conversation... it was pretty dissonant. I've been using the word "confrontational," but that seems to have a physical connotation to it which was by no means present in our banter.

So, I'm still looking for a date to the game this weekend!

However, today could be a big day. I'll find out in a few hours whether my new favorite local journalist will get to do a feature on dating in Kansas City. If so, then we'll do the interview this afternoon and it could, possibly, air tonight. I'll keep everyone posted.

I was thinking back to the conversation that I had with said journalist the other day. She said something that made me chuckle when she asked if I thought being interviewed would be too "overwhelming." Nah, bring it on... heck, I'm the guy that gives speeches standing on chairs and throws caution to the wind with regularity.

If nothing else, I'll hopefully have a new friend in our journalist, for I have enjoyed our conversations!


Charity Sherwood said...

Well, I'm sorry for the dissonant fruits birthed from your labors last night... Hopefully you retrieved an interesting little personality trait or something equally amusing from the experience. Perhaps to use as fodder for a future speech atop a chair? That's pretty impressive, but can you do one standing on your head, eh? *Smirk*

I can't either-- with intelligible clarity that is. Too much blood bubbling to the brain.

But hey, you at least got to use the word "banter." That's a great word. And using and abusing groovy words always makes my day.

Well, here's to a fortuitous episode with the interview tonight! Free publicity, and some good company along the way never hurts.

I'm sure you do realize the implied alternative meanings behind your chosen activity's nomenclature, yes? "Taildating"... brings to mind both coin-flipping and da butt. As well, as the focused pursuit of intimate relations. HA. But, I suppose "head-dating" would have no lesser explicatory relevance either, so I'm not sure what a good substitute would be... Bellydating? Hmmmm. That's too greek or McDonalds-ish I suppose, and would exclude too many potential specimens to meet your match. So yeah, it's best to just stick with the witty little moniker that you presently have.

Ah, Double entendres. I just love em'!

Keep on forging your path mate. And blogging about it so I can live and laugh vicariously through others, while being possibly mused into my own episodic adventures.


Robert Zamees said...

Ahhhhh... C, I've grown to enjoy your comments. Thank you for them!

I don't think I can do the headstand thing either, but I did once stand up in a packed bar of sailors and bikers in Ensenada and proclaim that, "You are all my bitches!" after we'd won the Newport-Ensenada Sailing Regatta, which is one of the largest international regattas in the world.

Yes, I was talking to a friend when I first used the term TailDating and realized that it sounds vulgar minus the context of a pre-sporting event parking lot. But hey, good tail is definitely part of the final equation even though not part of the evaluation... what I mean, of course, is that I'm just not that easy to get into the sack. ;)

I suppose I could say that I took that cool photo on this blog post, which I thought was humorous because it was taken at a place called "reVerse."

Keep reading, I love it!

Anonymous said...

I think you need to divvy up the incoming responses from the interview to your friends. You'll need some help filtering out the crazy ala Craigslist.

Robert Zamees said...

Oh Shan, you are the best! Crack open the wine bottle and let's get to work!