Tuesday, June 09, 2009

22/52: "My Favorite Place on Earth" by Jerry Camarillo Dunn

Book 22/52: "My Favorite Place on Earth" by Jerry Camarillo Dunn, 4/5 Stars
It didn't hit me until I was about two-thirds of the way through the book that the stories that are told about favorite places on Earth had a few things in common. When someone is in their favorite place, then they aren't thinking about being somewhere else; they are in the NOW of the place. And, they are at peace.

I've been writing a lot about being in the NOW as it applies to everyday tasks. If you go to a meeting, then don't take your laptop and your phone. Go to the meeting and FOCUS on the meeting itself; give your all to it. However, being in the NOW at a party can easily lead to overindulgence, so there must be something bigger than being in the NOW.

While I was reading this book, I realized that it was the feeling of peace that keeps us from going overboard in the NOW. Our favorite places are those that allow us to be at peace. Therefore, if you're actions in the NOW don't impact your ability to be at peace, then you avoid the unpeaceful hangover LATER.

The peaceful circle: being at peace allows us to excel in the NOW, while striving to stay at peace reminds us not to overindulge in the NOW.

This book was given to me by a friend and was a quick read. I entered the first page thinking that I might discover places that I'd never before known, but i left the book having discovered new territory not in the world, but in my mind.

GOAL: 52 books in 52 weeks!

Book #21 = "Wisdom 2.0" by Soren Gordhamer, 4/5 Stars
Book #20 = "Oath Of Gold" by Elizabeth Moon, 5/5 Stars
Book #19 = "The Age Of Engage" by Denise Shiffman, 3/5 Stars
Book #18 = "What I Wish I Knew When I Was 20" by Tina Seelig, 4/5 Stars
Book #17 = "Animal Farm" by George Orwell, 4/5 Stars
Book #16 = "Divided Allegiance" by Elizabeth Moon, 3/5 Stars
Book #15 = "The Curious Incident of the Dog..." by Mark Haddon, 2/5 Stars
Book #14 = "The Sheepfarmer's Daughter" by Elizabeth Moon, 3.5/5 Stars
Book #13 = "Love Is The Killer App" by Tim Sanders, 4/5 Stars
Book #12 = "Fight Club" by Chuck Palahniuk, 4.5/5 Stars
Book #11 = "The Time Traveler's Wife" by Audrey Niffenegger, 5/5 Stars
Book #10 = "The Finder" by Colin Harrison, 3.5/5 Stars
Book #9 = "Veronika Decides To Die" by Paulo Coelho, 1/5 Stars
Book #8 = "By The River Piedra I Sat Down & Wept" by Paulo Coelho, 3/5 Stars
Book #7 = "Stiff" by Mary Roach, 2/5 Stars
Book #6 = "Love in the Time of Cholera" by Gabriel Garcia-Marquez, 1/5 Stars
Book #5 = "The Road" by Cormac McCarthy, 3/5 Stars
Book #4 = "Eleven Minutes" by Paulo Coelho, 2/5 Stars
Book #3 = "The Good Guy" by Dean Koontz, 3/5 Stars
Book #2 = "My Ishmael" by Dan Quinn, 2/5 Stars

Book #1 = "The Zahir" by Paulo Coelho, 3.5/5 Stars


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